THRACE, Orthagoreia

AE13. 2.26g, 13.5mm

MINTED: THRACE, Orthagoreia, circa 340-300 BC

REF: HGC 3.1, 602 (R1)

OBVERSE: Laureate head of Apollo right.

REVERSE: ΟΡΘΑΓΟ-ΡΕΩΝ, Macedonian helmet, star above.

Very Fine. Dark green patina. Some slight surface pitting but nice details. Better in hand. 

A fine example of the scarce coinage from this enigmatic and still undiscovered city. 


Historical Notes:

Even in ancient times, the location of the obscure city of Orthagoreia was uncertain.  Pliny the Elder claimed (almost certainly incorrectly) that it was the old name for the town of Maroneia.  According to Strabo, it was located between Maroneia and Cape Serreion.  Other historical sources identified Orthagoreia with Makri and Stageira.  To date, the site of Orthagoreia remains undiscovered, but we know of its existence as an independent settlement from its scarce issue of coinage in the 4th century BC. 

THRACE, Orthagoreia . 340-300 BC . AE13 . *Rare issue of an undiscovered city*

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