THRACE, Kallatis
AR Drachm. 4.8g, 17.8mm

MINTED: THRACE, Kallatis, circa 3rd century BC

REF: AMNG 195 (5 spec.)

OBVERSE: Head of young Herakles right in lionskin.

REVERSE: KAΛΛATIA, monogram, grain ear, and club above, bow in case below.



Ex Harlan J. Berk

Almost Very Fine. Toned.


Historical Notes:

Kallatis was a port-city on the Black Sea coast that was founded as a Greek colony in the 6th century BC by settlers from Herakleia Pontika.  Its name in Greek means "the beautiful."  Early in the Third Mithradatic War (73-63 BC), the city was conquered and incorporated into the Roman province of Moesia Inferior by the general Lucius Licinius Lucullus.

THRACE, Kallatis . 3rd century BC . AR Drachm . 'The Beautiful City' . Ex Berk

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