THESSALY, Thessalian League
AE19. 6.26g, 19.3mm
MINTED: THESSALY, Thessalian League, Larissa mint (?), circa 2nd - 1st centuries BC
REF: HGC 4, 230 (S)
OBVERSE: Helmeted head of Athena right; magistrate name above.

REVERSE: ΘEΣ/ΣAΛΩ-N, horse trotting right.


Greenish brown patina with earthen deposits.  


Historical Notes:

Thessaly in central Greece was a region of fertile, grassy plains ringed by mountains, with Mount Olympus serving as a backdrop.  Unlike other Greek regions which tended to cultivate primarily olives and grapes, Thessaly was best known for its magnificent horses, cattle, agriculture, and sports such as bull-wrestling.  

The Thessalian League was a federation of cities, supposedly first organized in the late 6th century BC by Aleuas the Red, the legendary King of Larissa and founder of the Aluad dynasty.  It possessed a formidable cavalry and reached the height of its power in the early 4th century BC, under Lykophron I, tyrant of Pherai, and after that his son Jason, who made himself de facto ruler of all Thessaly.  The League strongly supported Alexander the Great of Macedon, but after his death in 323 BC, unsuccessfully revolted against the regent Antipater.  The League was eventually revived again in 196 BC under Roman rule. 

THESSALY, Thessalian League . 2nd-1st centuries BC . AE19 . Athena / Horse

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