THESSALY, Pharsalos
AE Trichalkon. 7.1g, 23 x 20mm
MINTED: THESSALY, Pharsalos, circa 4th - 3rd century BC
REF: BCD Thessaly II 672.4; HGC 4, 649
OBVERSE: Helmeted head of Athena facing slightly right, wearing plain necklace with central medallion.

REVERSE: ΦA to left, upwards, P (retrograde) in field right, ΣA (retrograde) below right, armoured Thessalian horseman in short chiton and wearing Boiotian helmet above which crescent with its horns upwards, brandishing bifurcate flail and riding right on prancing horse decorated with a beaded necklace; below, head wearing Corinthian helmet right.


Fine. Dark, blackish green patina.


Historical Notes:

Pharsalos was an important city located in southern Thessaly that in antiquity was protected by a massive, Cyclopean Wall.  It has also been identified by some as the capital of the Mycenaean era kingdom of Phthia, which was the homeland of the great Greek hero Achilles.  The city housed numerous temples, and was especially well known for sanctuary dedicated to Thetis, the sea nymph who was the mother of Achilles. 


When Xerxes I of Persia invaded Greece (480-479 BC), Pharsalos was one of the few Thessalian cities to stand with Athens against his armies.  By the late 5th to early 4th centuries BC, Pharsalos had become the preeminent Thessalian city.

THESSALY, Pharsalos . Circa 4th - 3rd centuries BC . AE Trichalkon . Horseman

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