THESSALY, Phalanna
AE19. 6.15g, 19.4mm
MINTED: THESSALY, Phalanna, circa late 3rd - early 2nd centuries BC
REF: SNG Cop 252; Rogers 452; HGC 4, 171
OBVERSE: Male head (Ares?) right.

REVERSE: ΦΑΛΑΝ-ΝΑΙΩN, head of nymph right, with hair in sakkos, wearing necklace and earrings.


Almost Very Fine.


Historical Notes:

Phalanna was a city of the Perrhaibans, a tribe who lived north of central Thessaly.  The exact location of the city has yet to be identified, but it is known that it had possession of a theater, and that it was conquered by Philip II of Macedon, together with the rest of the Perrhaiban lands.  

THESSALY, Phalanna . Circa 3rd - 2nd centuries BC . AE19 . Ares / Nymph

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