AE Dichalkon. 3.42g, 17.2mm
MINTED: THESSALY, Larissa, late 3rd century BC
REF: HGC 4, 530; SNG Cop 141; Rogers 286
OBVERSE: Head of the nymph Larissa facing slightly left, wearing wreath of grain ears.

REVERSE: ΛAPIΣAIΩN, Thessalian cavalryman, wearing kausia (Macedonian flat hat), carrying spear, charging right on horse; monogram below.


Good Fine/Fine. Somewhat rough dark reddish-brown patina. 


Historical Notes:

Thessaly in central Greece was a region of fertile, grassy plains ringed by mountains, with Mount Olympus serving as a backdrop.  Unlike other Greek regions which tended to cultivate primarily olives and grapes, Thessaly was best known for its magnificent horses, cattle, agriculture, and sports such as bull-wrestling.  Larissa was the largest and most powerful city in Thessaly for much of its history, and also one of its most prolific mints, producing a large quantity of coinage between the 5th and 4th centuries BC, of particular note their silver drachms featuring the facing head of the eponymous nymph Larissa on the obverse and a horse on the reverse. 

THESSALY, Larissa . Late 3rd century BC . AE Dichalkon . Facing head of Larissa

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