TETRICUS I, Gallic Empire

AD 271-274

AE Antoninianus. 2.58g, 19.3mm

MINTED: Cologne mint, AD 272
REF: RIC V 56; Cohen 17
OBVERSE: IMP C TETRICVS P F AVG, radiate, draped bust right.
REVERSE: COMES AVG ("companion of the Emperor"), Victory standing left, extending wreath in right hand, palm frond in left.


Very Fine. 


Historical Notes:

Succeeding Victorinus in 271, Tetricus found himself ruling over a Romano-Gallic Empire whose unity was weakening with each passing year.  When the Roman Emperor Aurelian led his armies into northern Gaul in 274 to reconquer the breakaway empire, Tetricus duly marched forth to meet him in battle.  Certain sources claim that Tetricus secretly communicated with Aurelian, promising to betray his army and surrender himself and his son to Aurelian if their lives were spared.  At the battle, which occured in February 274, the Gallic Empire's army was completely destroyed, and Tetricus and his son were taken prisoner.  After they were paraded in Aurelian's triumph in Rome, they were both allowed to resettle in southern Italy, where Tetricus was given the appointment of corrector of Lucania and Bruttium. 

TETRICUS I, Usurper . AD 271-274 . AE Antoninianus . Victory

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