AD 275-276

AE Antoninianus. 4.95g, 22.8mm
MINTED: Serdica mint, early AD 276
REF: New RIC V/2 Online Temp #3909; RIC 1st -; La Venera 2391
OBVERSE: IMP C M CL TACITVS AVG, radiate bust right, with traces of drapery on shoulders.
REVERSE: CONSERVAT MILIT, Mars in military dress standing right, holding spear in left hand, giving globe to Emperor standing left, holding long sceptre in left hand; B in between, KA in exergue.


Dark toned surfaces; some underlying silvering. Thin flan crack and some green hoard deposits. 



Ex E.E. Clain-Stefanelli Collection
Elvira Eliza Clain-Stefanelli (1914-2001) was born in Romania, and during World War II, she and her husband Vladimir were sent by the Gestapo to Buchenwald concentration camp. They survived their 3-year imprisonment and when the war was over, moved to Italy, where they worked in the numismatic trade. In 1951, they moved to the United States, where their knowledge and passion for numismatics led to them becoming curators of National Numismatics Collection at the Smithsonian. Together, they were also authors of numerous important reference works and curated an excellent personal collection of coins.


Historical Notes:

Tacitus was a distinguished and respected senator who was offered the throne by the Roman Senate when Emperor Aurelian was assassinated in 275. During his short reign, he restored some measure of power to the Senate, and also defeated an army of Goth mercenaries who had been marauding the Eastern provinces. He died suddenly while on his way to repulse a Frankish and Alamannic invasion of Gaul. He was succeeded by his half-brother, Florian.

TACITUS . AD 275-276 . AE Antoninianus . *Ex Clain-Stefanelli Collection*

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