SICILY, Syracuse

Second Democracy, circa 466-460 BC
AR Litra. 0.78g, 12.5mm
MINTED: SICILY, Syracuse, Second Democracy, circa 466-460 BC
REF: Sear Greek 929; SNG ANS 131
OBVERSE: Diademed head of Arethusa right, [SVRA] before.

REVERSE: Octopus.



Acquired from Alan Cherry, London Coin Fair, September 2014


Very Fine. Toned. Light roughness on obverse. Excellent octopus. Nicer in hand.


Historical Notes:

Following the overthrow of Thrasybulus (466-465 BC), the last of the Deinomenid tyrants, Syracuse became a republic, governed by an elected assembly of citizens and council of generals (strategoi).  During the period that followed, known as the Second Democracy (466-405 BC), Syracuse cemented its position as the strongest city on the island of Sicily.  Its growing power eventually brought it into conflict with Athens, once in 427 BC in a conflict which ended in a stalemate, and again in 415 BC, when a huge Athenian armada was sent to invade Sicily.  The latter Sicilian Expedition resulted in a catastrophic defeat for the Athenians when the Spartans allied with Syracuse.  The Athenians lost their entire force of two hundred ships and well over 10,000 men, and the preeminence of Syracuse was firmly re-established. 

SICILY, Syracuse . Second Democracy, 466-460 BC . AR Litra . Nymph/Octopus

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