SICILY, Akragas

AE Tetras (or Trionkion). 7.9g, 20.7mm
MINTED: SICILY, Akragas, circa 425-410 BC
REF: HGC 2, 140; CNS I 54
OBVERSE: Eagle standing right, head lowered, tearing at hare held in its talons.

REVERSE: Crab; below, three pellets and crayfish swimming left.


Good Fine. 

Popular type with 4 animals on one coin!


Historical Notes:

Akragas, on the southern coast of Sicily, was one of the island's largest and wealthiest cities, second in importance only to Syracuse.  During its height in the 5th century BC, it may have been home to as many as half a million inhabitants.  In 406 BC, the city was beseiged and sacked by an invasion force from Carthage under the general Himilco.  Much of the city was destroyed, and though it was rebuilt, it never managed to regain its former prominence.  Today, in the modern day city of Agrigento, the ruins of numerous Greek temples remain to attest to the ancient wealth of Akragas.

SICILY, Akragas . Circa 420-406 BC . AE Tetras . Eagle, hare and seafood

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