SEVERINA, Wife of Aurelian

AD 270-275

AE Antoninianus. 3.84g, 24.9mm

MINTED: Serdica mint, Nov AD 274 – Sep 275
OBVERSE: SEVERINA AVG, draped bust right on crescent, seen from front, hair brushed in straight lines with long plait carried up the back of head and tucked under stephane.
REVERSE: CONCORDIA AVGG, Emperor and empress standing facing one another, clasping right hands; star in field, KAΔ in exergue.



Almost Very Fine. Dark brown patina with some scattered green deposits.  Insignificant flan crack. A handsome example struck on a broad flan. 


Historical Notes:

Ulpia Severina was the wife of Emperor Aurelian (AD 270-275). Though little is known of her from literary sources, numismatic evidence suggests that Severina may have reigned on her own for a short period of time between the death of Aurelian and the appointment by the Senate of his successor, Tacitus.  If true, this would make Severina the only woman to ever have ruled the Roman Empire in her own right.  Coinage issued in Severina's name indicate that she received the titles not only of Augusta ("Empress"), but also Pia ("pious") and mater castrorum et senatus et patriae ("mother of the barracks, senate, and country").

SEVERINA . AD 270-275 . AE Antoninianus . Wife of Emperor Aurelian

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