AD 193-211
AE27. 8.0g, 27mm

REF: Varbanov 4829 (R4)
OBVERSE: AV K Λ CЄΠTI CЄOVHPOC Π, laureate head right.
REVERSE: MHTROΠ ΠONTOY TOMЄΩC, bust of Serapis right, wearing kalathos; Δ in right field.

Ex Dr. George Spradling Collection

Fine. Rough brown surfaces with a couple of edge splits.
Serapis was originally a Greco-Egyptian deity whose cult grew and eventually even spread across the Roman empire. As evidenced by this coin, the worship of Serapis was popular even in this eastern European provincial city of the empire.

Historical Notes:
Tomis (present day Constanta) is the oldest continuously inhabited city in what is now the country of Romania. According to one tradition, the city was founded around 600 BC by Tomyris, the fierce queen of the Massagetae tribe who defeated the Persian king Cyrus the Great and ordered that his corpse be decapitated and his head dipped in a vat of blood. During the early Roman Imperial period, Tomis was located in the far flung eastern reaches of the empire's province of Moesia Inferior. It was to Tomis that Emperor Augustus banished the poet Ovid in AD 8.

SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS . MOESIA INFERIOR, Tomis . AE27 . Bust of the god Serapis

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