Antiochos IX Eusebes Philopator (Kyzikenos), 114-95 BC

AE18. 4.84g, 18mm
MINTED: Phoenician mint, SE 202 (111/110 BC)
REF: HGC 9, 1254
OBVERSE: Bust of winged Eros right.

REVERSE: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIOXOY / ΦIΛOΠATOPOΣ, Nike advancing left holding wreath, date BΣ in left field, monogram above.



Almost Very Fine. Dark glossy surfaces with hard earthen concretions nicely highlighting the devices. Coin looks better in hand.

Historical Notes:

Antiochos IX was co-ruler of the Seleukid Empire with his half-brother, Antiochos VIII Grypos.



SELEUKID KINGDOM . Antiochos IX Kyzenikos, 114-95 BC . AE18 . Eros / Nike

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