Antiochos III the Great, 222-187 BC

AR Tetradrachm. 16.62g, 30.1mm
MINTED: Uncertain mint, possibly Mint 49 (Apamea?) in Phrygia, circa from 203 BC
REF: HGC 9, 447
OBVERSE: Diademed head of Antiochus III right, hair in choppy locks; beaded border.

REVERSE: BAΣIΛEΩΣ / ANTIO-XOY, Apollo seated left on omphalos, testing arrow in right hand, left hand on grounded bow behind.



Very Fine. Light toning; a few light scuffs and some deposits. Small test punch on reverse.

Historical Notes:

Antiochos III spent the first years of his reign restoring stability to an empire that had fallen into disarray with the murder of his brother, Seleukos III.  After dealing with his rebellious satraps, Antiochos went to war against Ptolemy IV to force Egyptian troops out of Syrian lands.  Between 212 to 199 BC, he launched successful expeditions into Armenia, Parthia, Baktria, and also concluded peace treaties with Indian and Arab rulers.  Though the Fifth Syrian War (202-198 BC) against Egypt was yet another triumph for Antiochos, he finally overreached himself when invaded Greece in 192 BC and came into conflict with the Roman Republic.  At the Battle of Magnesia (190 BC), his army was decisively defeated, and Antiochos was forced to sue for peace, the terms of which required him to pay the Romans a 15,000 silver talent indemnity.  Three years later, Antiochos was killed in a battle in Elymais while attempting to plunder a temple to raise money for indemnity payments.  He had ruled for 36 years.

SELEUKID KINGDOM . Antiochos III the Great, 222-187 BC . AR Tetradrachm

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