Hormizd IV (AD 579-590)

AR Drachm. 3.75g, 32.7mm
MINTED: YZ (Yazd) mint, Year 11 (AD 589/590)
REF: SSCT 1416
OBVERSE: Draped bust right, wearing elaborate mural crown surmounted by korymbos set on crescent; inside dotted-border with three crescents with stars.

REVERSE: Fire altar flanked by two attendants, ribbon, star and crescent; regnal year to left, mint signature to right.



Nice metal, with good details. 


Historical Notes:

The Sasanians came to power in Persia, when the founder of the dynasty, Ardashir I, defeated the last Parthian king, Artabanus IV, in AD 224.  During the course of the next four centuries, the Sasanian Empire would become a great regional superpower, at its height challenging the suzerainty and influence of the Roman and Byzantine Empires.  The power of the Sasanians declined precipitously after the first few decades of the 7th century, and they ultimately were conquered by the emergent Arab Muslim caliphate.  


Hormizd IV was the son and heir of the great Sasanian king Khusru I, coming to the throne on the latter death's in AD 579.  He was known for his religious tolerance, in particular towards the Christians, and also for continuing his father's long-running war against the Byzantine Empire.  Hormizd often antagonized and persecuted the kingdom's aristocracy, which eventually led to a civil war breaking out in AD 589 when he dismissed and humiliated his famous general, Bahram Chobin.  During the revolt, Hormizd was captured in the palace by two of his own brothers-in-law, blinded, and subsequently strangled to death.  His was succeeded by his son, Khusru II.   

SASANIAN KINGDOM . Hormizd IV, AD 579-590 . AR Drachm . Yazd mint

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