SALONINUS, as Caesar
AD 258-260

Billon Antoninianus. 3.31g, 21.9mm

MINTED: Antioch mint, AD 259
REF: Cologne mint, AD 258-260. RIC 9; MIR 914e

OBVERSE: SALON VALERIANVS CAES, radiate, daped and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind.
REVERSE: PIETAS AVG, sacrificial implements.


Very Fine.


Historical Notes:

Saloninus, the second son of Emperor Gallienus, was raised to the rank of Caesar around the time that his elder brother died under suspicious circumstances in 258.  Soon thereafter, he was sent to Cologne under the care of the praetorian prefect Silvanus to establish the imperial family's authority in Gaul.  In 260, his position was weakened when his grandfather, the emperor Valerian, was taken captive by the Persians.  Then, when Silvanus had a disagreement with Postumus, the Commander of the Rhine legions, over the disposition of some captured war booty, the latter revolted and laid siege to Cologne.  When the city fell to him later that year, Postumus had Silvanus and Saloninus executed.

SALONINUS, as Caesar . AD 258-260 . Billon Antoninianus . Priestly Implements

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