Wife of Hadrian, AD 128-136/7

AE AS. 9.89g, 28mm

MINTED: Rome mint, AD 128-136
REF: RIC 1024 (Hadrian)
OBVERSE: SABINA AVGVSTA HADRIANI AVG P P, bust right, hair coiled and piled on top of head behind triple tiara.

REVERSE: Vesta draped, seated left, holding palladium in right hand and sceptre in left; S - C in field.


Very Good/Fair.  Considerable wear with slightly rough surfaces, but a decent and recognisable portrait of the empress.  Scarce.


Historical Notes:

Vibia Sabina was the daughter of Emperor Trajan's niece, Matidia, and in AD 100 she married Hadrian, a second cousin of her mother.  Hadrian inherited the throne from Trajan in AD 117, and Sabina was awarded the title of Augusta (empress) in AD 128.  She and Hadrian were childless for the duration of their marriage, and with Hadrian being homosexual, Sabina was rumoured to herself had affairs with other men, the most notable being the historian Suetonius, her husband's secretary (who was author of the famous book, The Twelve Caesars).  Sabina died in AD 136 or 137, and Hadrian had her duly deified.

SABINA . AD 128-136/7 . AE As . Wife of Hadrian . Vesta . **Scarce**

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