Q. Titius, moneyer

AR Denarius (Holed). 3.90g, 16.9mm

MINTED: Rome mint, 90 BC
REF: Crawford 341/1; Sydenham 691
OBVERSE: Head of Bacchus (or Mutinus Titinus) right, wearing winged diadem.

REVERSE: Pegasus springing right from a tablet on which is inscribed Q•TITI.

Almost Very Fine. Bright, cleaned metal. Holed and perhaps used in antiquity as a decorative piece or talisman. 


Historical Notes: 

This issue was part of a large series of coinage struck in Rome during the Social War (91-88 BC), when a group of Italian cities and tribes came together to wage war against the Roman Republic.  It took massive resources and great effort to quell the uprising, and the quantity of coins struck at Rome reflected the demands placed on the economy to pay the Republic's troops and allies.  


The deity on the obverse has been variously identified as Bacchus or Mutinus Titinus.  Bacchus was the Roman god of wine, agriculture, and revelry.  His festival, the notorious Bacchanalia, was traditionally held in the middle of March.  Mutinus Titinus was a fertility god, associated with Priapus, who was worshipped by young married women. 

ROMAN REPUBLIC . Q. Titius, 90 BC . Denarius, holed . Social War issue

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