P. Crepusius, moneyer.

AR Denarius. 3.86g, 18.2mm

MINTED: Rome mint, 82 BC
REF: Crawford 361/1a
OBVERSE: Laureate head of Apollo to right, sceptre on far shoulder; [X behind] and control symbol below.

REVERSE: Horseman to right, brandishing spear; behind, CXIIII; in exergue, P·CREPVSI.

Very Fine. Light, almost invisible brushing scratches across surface. A couple of unobtrusive bankers' marks on obverse. Otherwise, a well-detailed, attractive, and deeply struck example.   


Historical Notes: 

The moneyer P. Crepusius is not found in historical records and is known only from his coins.  In accordance with the Republican tradition of celebrating the family of the moneyer on coins issued, the reverse type showing a horseman brandishing a spear probably alludes to the military exploits of one of Crepusius's ancestors.

ROMAN REPUBLIC . P. Crepusius, 82 BC . AR Denarius . Horseman brandishing spear

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