M. Sergius Silus. Quaestor, 116/5 BC

AR Denarius (Holed). 3.61g, 18.1mm

MINTED: Rome mint, 116-115 BC
REF: Crawford 286/1; RSC Sergia 1
OBVERSE: Head of Roma right; [ROMA and XVI monogram behind; EX S C before].

REVERSE: Helmeted horseman galloping left, holding sword and severed Gallic head in left hand; [Q (for Quaestor) below; M•SERGI, SILVS in exergue].

Fair. Bright, cleaned metal. Two holes and slight flan bend where blobs of metal were apparently soldered on (head of Roma and before front feet of horse). Affordable as a curiosity or a 2,000 keyring attachment?


Historical Notes: 

The reverse of this coin depicts the moneyer's grandfather, M. Sergius Silus, a legendary war hero of the Republic who was something of a Roman Rambo.  He proved his bravery in numerous campaigns, and in the course of two of them, was stabbed and wounded twenty-three times.  During the Second Punic War (218-201 BC), he was captured twice by forces of the Carthaginian general Hannibal, and on both occasions he escaped even though he was bound in chains.  When he lost his right arm fighting against the Celts in 218 BC, he had it replaced with one made of iron so he could continue to go into battle. 

ROMAN REPUBLIC . M Sergius Silus, 116/5 BC . Denarius, holed . Hero Silus

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