Mn. Fonteius C. f.
Moneyer, 85 BC

AR Denarius. 3.61g, 19.9mm

MINTED: Rome mint, 85 BC
REF: Crawford 353/1a
OBVERSE: MN FONTEI C F, laureate head of Apollo (Vejovis?) right, thunderbolt below; AP monogram below chin.

REVERSE: Infant winged Genius (or Cupid, or baby Jupiter, or Vejovis) seated on goat, standing right; caps of the Dioscuri above; thyrsus below; all within wreath.



Ex Steve Clarke Collection

Good Fine. Toned.


Historical Notes: 

The interesting iconography on this type continues to be debated upon.  The child on the goat has been referred to as an infant winged Genius, or guardian spirit, but also Cupid, or a baby Vejovis, an obscure god worshipped in Rome and to whom goats were sacrificed.  The caps above him are symbols of the Dioscuri, Castor and Pollux, twin patrons of Rome.  The thyrsus below was a symbol of Bacchus, god of wine and agriculture.

ROMAN REPUBLIC . M. Fonteius, 85 BC . Denarius . Cupid riding goat

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