L. Manlius Torquatus
Proquaestor, 82 BC

AR Denarius. 3.9g, 16.4mm

MINTED: Military mint moving with Sulla, 82 BC
REF: Crawford 367/5
OBVERSE: Helmeted bust of Roma right, with peaked visor, cruciform earring and necklace, hair in three locks; L MANLI before; PRO•Q behind.

REVERSE: Sulla, togate, driving triumphal quadriga right, holding branch and reins; above, Victory flying left crowning Sulla with laurel wreath; L•SVLLA•IM in exergue.



Ex Steve Clarke Collection

Almost Very Fine.

Popular and historically significant type.


Historical Notes: 

Manlius Torquatus, named proquaestor (former quaestor, or treasurer) on this coin, was one of the Roman dictator Sulla's commanders. While Sulla was waging war against Mithridates VI of Pontus during the First Mithradatic War (89-85 BC), his political foes in Rome had him outlawed and declared a public enemy. Instead of submitting himself to their justice, Sulla marched his legions against Rome itself. He suceeded in seizing the city and had himself named Dictator, a position of almost absolute power. This issue's reverse shows Sulla celebrating a Triumph at Rome, the greatest honour that could be bestowed upon a Roman general.

ROMAN REPUBLIC . L Manlius Torquatus, 82 BC . Denarius . Sulla's Triumph

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