A. Postumius A.f. Sp.n. Albinus
Moneyer, 75 BC

AR Serrate Denarius. 3.93g, 20.8mm

MINTED: Rome mint, 81 BC
REF: Crawford 372/2; Sydenham 746; Postumia 8
OBVERSE: Veiled head of Hispania right; HISPAN behind.

REVERSE: Togate figure standing left between aquila and fasces; A ALBIN S N across fields; POST.A.F in exergue.



Ex Eucharius Collection

Good Very Fine. Pleasant light tone with hints of iridescence. Light graffito on obverse.

Nice example of a serratus (serrate denarius).  It has been suggested that the purpose of the serrated edges on some Roman Republican issues was to make them harder to counterfeit.  However, many contemporary forgeries (fourrées) are known, so if this was the purpose, it was not entirely successful. 


Historical Notes: 

Moneyers of the Roman Republic in 1st century BC often celebrated the past accomplishments of illustrious relations on their coins, and the types on this coin pays tribute to the moneyer Albinus's ancestor, L. Postumius Albinus, Praetor in 180 BC, who defeated the Vaccaei and Lusitano in Spain.  For this victory, he was accorded a Triumph in Rome, an extraordinary public celebration that was the highest honour that could be bestowed on a Roman commander. 

ROMAN REPUBLIC . A Postumius Albinus, 81 BC . Serrate Denarius . Hispania

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