Kleopatra III & Ptolemy X, 107-101 BC
AE Drachm. 69.31g, 42.7mm

MINTED: Tyre mint, after 217 BC
REF: Svoronos 1129; CPE B542
OBVERSE: Diademed and horned head of Zeus-Ammon to right.
REVERSE: BAΣIΛEΩS ΠTOΛEMAIOY, eagle standing to left on thunderbolt; club to left, ΔΙ between legs.

Green patina with patches of red adhesions; minor surface corrosion in areas.  

Huge and impressive, these Ptolemaic  bronzes were amongst the largest and heaviest struck in the ancient world.  At almost 70 grams, this particular example weighs about twice the average Roman sestertius of the 1st and 2nd centuries AD!   

Historical Notes:

Ptolemy IV ruled as Pharaoh of Egypt between 221 to 204 BC. His reign's moment of glory was Egypt's victory in the Fourth Syrian War (219-217 BC) against the Seleukid Empire. Things unfortunately went downhill thereafter, with numerous revolts springing up within Egypt against his rule. Ancient historians have criticised Ptolemy's decadent lifestyle, and his relegation of actual governance of the country to his courtiers Sosibius and Agathocles. He is known to have built a giant galley called the tessarakonteres, a pleasure boat that measured 128 metres in length and required 4000 rowers to man its oars.

PTOLEMAIC KINGDOM . Ptolemy IV, 222-204 BC . AE Drachm . Almost 70g and MASSIVE!

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