AE23. 9.02g, 22.5mm
MINTED: BITHYNIA, Nicaea, dated BE 224 (59 BC), C. Papirius Carbo, proconsul
REF: RecGen 6; SNG von Aulock 532; SNG Cop 466
OBVERSE: NIKAIEΩN / ΔKΣ, Head of Dionysos right, wearing ivy wreath; monogram to right

REVERSE: EΠI ΓAIOY ΠAΠIPIOY KAPBΩN / PΩMH, Roma seated left on pile of shields, holding Nike and spear; M to inner right.



Fine/Fair. Dark green patina. Some old cleaning scratches.

An early Republican era provincial.


Historical Notes:


PSEUDO-AUTONOMOUS . BITHYNIA, Nicaea . 59 BC . AE23 . Dated issue

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