POSTUMUS, Gallic Empire

AD 260-269
Billon Antoninianus. 3.8g, 22.1mm

MINTED: Trier mint, AD 263-265
REF: RIC 58; Sear 10936; C 39; Cunetio 2411; Mairat 92-6
OBVERSE: IMP C POSTVMVS PF AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
REVERSE: FELICITAS AVG, Felicitas standing left, holding caduceus and cornucopiae.


Very Fine.  Dark brown tone.  Struck on an oval flan with an irregular edge. 


Historical Notes:

Postumus was one of the most successful of the 3rd century usurpers, establishing the break-away Gallic Empire.  He was the imperial legate of Lower Germany under Emperor Valerian, and when the latter was defeated and captured by the Persians, Postumus's troops proclaimed him Augustus against Valerian's son and co-ruler, Gallienus.  Gallienus's repeated attempts to crush Postumus's revolt never succeeded, and from 260 to 269, Postumus ruled over Gaul, Germany, Raetia, Britannia and Hispania.  Interestingly, the coins he struck were often of higher quality and better style than those of Gallienus.

POSTUMUS, Usurper . AD 260-269 . Antoninianus . "FELICITAS AVG"

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