PONTOS, Amisos (as Peiraieos)

AR Siglos (Persic standard). 5.7g, 18.6mm
MINTED: PONTOS, Amisos (as Peiraieos), circa 435-370
REF: HGC 7, 229 var (magistrate name)
OBVERSE: Head of Hera left, wearing stephane, earring.

REVERSE: Owl standing facing on shield, with wings spread; Σ – K across inner field, ΠEIPA in exergue.


Very Fine. Light toning. Some die breaks on reverse.


Historical Notes:

Amisos (present day Samsun in Turkey) was an important Black Sea port-city that was colonized by Ionians from Miletos in the mid 6th century BC.  It was not long after that conquered by the Persians, around 550 BC, becoming part of the satrapy of Cappadocia.  In the 5th century, the city was later liberated by the Athenians and given independence as a member of the Delian League.  At that time, it was renamed Peiraieos.  As Amisos, it was one of the chief cities of the Kingdom of Pontos from the 3rd century BC until the annexation of much of the kingdom by the Romans in 63 BC.

PONTOS, Amisos (as Peiraieos) . Circa 453-370 BC . AR Siglos . Hera / Owl

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