AE19. 3.32g, 19.3mm
MINTED: PISIDIA, Etenna, circa 1st centuries BC
REF: SNG Cop 146
OBVERSE: Naked nymph standing to front, legs crossed, entwined by serpent; at her feet to left, a vase.

REVERSE: E-T, sickle-shaped knife.


Almost Very Fine.  Dark blackish green patina. Interesting, enigmatic type.


Historical Notes:

Little is known about the city of Etenna, though the 3rd century BC Greek historian Polybius wrote that its people provided 8,000 hoplites to assist Achaios, the Seleukid general who rebelled against the authority of Antiochos III and briefly ruled as king in Phrygia.  The coins of Etenna often depict a nymph embraced in the coils of a serpent, probably in reference to a now lost local legend.

PISIDIA, Etenna . 1st Century BC . AE19 . Nymph entwined by serpent

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