AE18. 3.53g, 17.7mm
MINTED: PHOENICIA, Arados, Year 144 (=116/5 BC)
REF: HGC 10, 89
OBVERSE: Turreted head of Tyche right; palm branch over shoulder.

REVERSE: AR monogram, Poseidon seated left on prow with figurehead of Athena Promachos, holding wreath and trident; Aradian era date (144=116/5 BC) in Phoenician script below.

Grade/Notes:Fine. Rough, green patina. Nice colour. 

Historical Notes:

Arados was an ancient Phoenician city that existed as early as 15th century BC, as a vassal-state of the Egyptian kingdom.  It possessed a large fleet of ships, enjoyed an enviable position along an important sea route, and was situated on a heavily fortified island.  During the Greco-Persian wars (499-449 BC), Arados supported the Persians, and they sent ships in support of Xerxes I at the Battle of Salamis in 480 BC.  When Alexander the Great of Macedonia fought against the Persian Empire, however, the Aradian king turned against them and fought on the side of Alexander when he beseiged nearby Tyre.  After the death of Alexander, Arados came under the control of the Seleukid Empire, and remained so until the annexation of Syria by the Romans under Pompey the Great around 64 BC. 

PHOENICIA, Arados . 116/5 BC . AE18 . Tyche / Poseidon on Prow

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