AD 244-249
AE27. 14.42g, 27.3mm
MINTED: DACIA, Provincia Dacia, Year 3 = AD 248/9
REF: Varbanov 11
OBVERSE: IMP M IVL PHILLIPVS AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.

REVERSE: PROVINCIA DACIA, Dacia standing left between eagle and lion, holding curved sword and standards inscribed V and XIII; AN III in exergue.


Fine.  Green patina.
This type from Dacia much scarcer than the similar contemporary provincial issues of Viminacium.


Historical Notes:

The Roman Province of Dacia was an important region that encompassed parts of what is present day Romania, including east and south-east Transylvania.  From the 230s, the province came under threat of incursions from invading tribes of Goths and Carpi.  In 247, Roman armies under Philip the Arab defeated the Carpi and forced them to retreat, and Trajan Decius stabilize the region further when he took the throne in 249.  Peace was shortlived, however, and by the time of Gallienus (AD 253-268), Dacia again became a troubled province. 

PHILIP THE ARAB . DACIA, Provincia Dacia . AE27 . Year 3 (AD 248/9) . **Scarce**

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