AR Drachm. 5.85g, 20.2mm
MINTED: PAPHLAGONIA, Sinope, circa 330-300 BC. Agreos, magistrate
REF: HGC 7, 391; SNG BM Black Sea 1460; SNG Stancomb 763
OBVERSE: Head of nymph left, hair in sakkos; aphlaston before.

REVERSE: Sea eagle on dolphin left; AΓPEΩΣ below eagle’s wings, ΣINΩ below dolphin.


Test cut with some scattered marks, but in attractive style.

This series must have been a frequent target of ancient counterfeiters as they often had cuts applied to them.  Such cuts would quickly reveal if the coin had a copper core instead of being solid silver.  The cut on this example was applied carefully enough for it not to disfigure either the obverse and reverse design.    


Historical Notes:

Sinope, a city-port situated on the northern most edge of the Paphlagonian Black Sea coast, was founded as a Greek colony by Ionians from Miletos around the 7th century BC.  Sinope was the birthplace of the famed Cynic philosopher, Diogenes of Sinope, who was banished from the city for fradulently debasing its currency when he was in charge of minting its coinage.  Sinope maintained its independence until it was conquered in 183 BC by Pharnakes I of Pontos, who then made it the capital of his kingdom.

PAPHLAGONIA, Sinope . 330-300 BC . AR Drachm . Test cut in antiquity

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