AR Stater. 9.38g, 25.8mm
MINTED: PAMPHYLIA, Aspendos, circa 330/25-300/250 BC
REF: Cf. SNG France 121 (for similar reverse); Tekin Series 5
OBVERSE: Two wrestlers beginning to grapple with each other; between them, HP.

REVERSE: ΕΣΤFΕΔΙΥ, Slinger striding right, preparing to launch sling-bolt; to right, triskeles to left above vertical club.



Slightly weathered surfaces with some light cleaning scratches. 

Rare variant, unpublished in the standard references. 


Historical Notes:

Aspendos was one of the chief cities of Pamphylia in ancient times, prospering from a brisk trade in salt, oil and wool.  The city was one of the first in the region to strike  coins, primarily silver staters which became widely accepted and used by other cities.  As is evidenced on these coins, the city's local Pamphylian name was Estwediya, and from the late 5th century, its distinctive symbols came to be two wrestlers engaged in competition, and the sling-wielding soldier, for which the city was famous.  

Though Aspendos was punished with a heavy tax by Alexander the Great in 333 BC for attempting to renege on a treaty of submission they had agreed to, the city thrived and grew again when it became, first, part of the Seleukid kingdom, and then later a possession of the Attalid kingdom of Pergamon.

PAMPHYLIA, Aspendos . 330-250 BC . AR Stater . Wrestlers/Slinger . Rare Variety

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