17 Apr - 20 Dec AD 69

AR Denarius. 2.88g, 18.1mm
MINTED: Rome mint, AD 69
REF: RIC 20 (Aureus) note; Cohen 11; BMC 9
OBVERSE: IMP OTHO CAESAR [AVG TR P], bare head right.
REVERSE: PONT [MAX], Ceres standing front, head to left, holding three grain ears in her right hand and a cornucupiae with her left.



Good Fine/Fine. Toned. Bold portrait in fine style. Some old scratches.


Historical Note:

Marcus Salvius Otho was the second man to sit on the throne during the Year of the Four Emperors (AD 69).  He was said to have been effeminate in appearance, wearing a wig (visible on many of his coins) over his balding pate, and having all his body hair plucked out.  A former intimate of Nero, he lost his wife, Poppaea Sabina, to the emperor and was sent away to govern distant Lusitania.  He supported Galba after the death of Nero, but was disillusioned when the elderly emperor named another as his heir.  Praetorians in his pay murdered Galba and Otho took his place on the throne.  

He reigned for only 95 days.  When his troops clashed inconclusively with those of Vitellius, the rebelling governor of Germania, Otho chose to commit suicide, it is said, to prevent the further loss of Roman lives in a civil war.

OTHO . AD 69 . AR Denarius . Ceres . Rare

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