AD 244-249
AR Antoninianus. 4.25g, 24.5mm
MINTED: Rome mint, AD 248. Ludi Saeculares (Secular Games) issue, commemorating the 1000th anniversary of Rome.
REF: RIC IV 116b (Philip I); RSC 63
OBVERSE: OTACIL SEVERA AVG, Draped bust right, wearing stephane, set on crescent.
REVERSE: SAECVLARES AVGG, Hippopotamus with head level walking right; IIII (officina) in exergue.



Ex William Whetstone Collection


Good Very Fine.  Light, pleasant tone and attractive portrait.  A very desirable issue from the series struck in conjunction with the celebration and games held on the occasion of the 1000th anniversary of the founding of Rome in AD 248.  Philip I was clearly a very brave man to issue a coin with his wife's portrait and a hippo on the reverse!


Historical Notes:
Marcia Otacilia Severa was the wife of the emperor, Philip I. Along with Philip, she is believed to have been sympathetic towards Christians of the period, if not actually a Christian herself. After Philip's defeat and death at the hands of Trajan Decius in 249, Otacilia may have been allowed to leave Rome to live out her life in obscurity in the province of Arabia, her husband's homeland.

OTACILIA SEVERA . AD 244-249 . Antoninianus . Hippopotamus . 1000th Anniversary

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