Massinissa or Micipsa (203-148 BC / 148-118 BC) 

AE27. 14.78g, 27.2mm
MINTED: Uncertain Numidian mint, circa 203-148 BC or 148-118 BC
REF: SNG Copenhagen 510-2
OBVERSE: Laureate and bearded head to left.

REVERSE: Horse galloping to left. 



Ex Vitangelo Collection, with the collector's old ticket



Dark greenish-black patina. Gouge across and below neck of portrait. 


Historical Notes:

Numidia was an ancient kingdom that at its height occupied a large territory in northwest Africa, including parts of what is now Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Morocco.  The Numidian Berber tribes were first unified into a single kingdom by King Massinissa (203-148 BC) with assistance from the Romans.  He ruled until his death at the age of 90, after which the kingdom passed to his son, Micipsa (148-118 BC).  Its last independent ruler was Juba I (60-46 BC), who lost the kingdom as well as his life when he took the side of Pompey against Julius Caesar in the Roman Civil War.  Numidia soon thereafter became a Roman province, though it was later restored by Emperor Augustus to Juba II, the son of Juba I.  

NUMIDIAN KINGDOM . Massinissa or Micipsa . 203-148 BC / 148-118 BC . AE27

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