AD 283-284

AE Antoninianus. 4.17g, 23.8mm
MINTED: Rome mint, September AD 283 - January 284
REF: RIC 423

OBVERSE: IMP NVMERIANVS AVG, radiate and cuirassed bust right.
REVERSE: VNDIQVE VICTORES, Numerian standing left, holding globe and sceptre, two captives seated at his feet; KAς in exergue.

Dark green patina with traces of silvering remaining. Struck on an oval flan with plenty of high grade detail.

The reverse legend VNDIQVE VICTORES translates to "Victories everywhere" and is unique to Numerian.  A scarce and interesting type, struck at Rome shortly before Numerian's death. 


Historical Notes:

Contemporary historians portray Numerian, the youngest son of Emperor Carus, as a man more suited to be a poet than a soldier.  He accompanied his father on his campaign against the Persians in 283, and when Carus was killed (apparently by a bolt of lightning), Numerian's first act as the newly-proclaimed emperor was to turn his army back towards Europe.  He endeavoured to rendezvous with his elder brother Carinus at Cyzicus, but died suddenly en route to his destination, his decomposing corpse discovered inside his travelling litter some days after his death.  Aper, the Praetorian Prefect and Numerian's father-in-law, was accused of killing the emperor and summarily executed by the Commander of the Imperial Bodyguard, Diocles.  The army then proclaimed Diocles, or Diocletian as he is better known, the new emperor. 

NUMERIAN . AD 283-284 . AE Antoninianus . "Victories Everywhere" *Scarce type*

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