AD 54-68
AE19. 3.74g, 19.1mm
MINTED: PHRYGIA, Acmoneia, AD 54-68. Lucius Servenius Capito, archon for the third time, with his wife Julia Severa
REF: RPC 3176; SNG Cop 29. c/m: Howgego 241
OBVERSE: NEPΩNA CEBACTON AKMONEIC, laureate bust right, wearing aegis; caduceus below; c/m : Asklepios standing right holding serpent-entwined staff.

REVERSE: CEPOYHNIOY KAΠITWNOC KAI IOYΛIAC CEOYHPAC / EΠI APX TO Γ, Zeus seated left with patera and sceptre, owl below.



A well-worn but interesting piece.  The countermark on the obverse shows a clear standing figure of the Asklepios, the god of healing medicine, carrying his serpent-entwined staff.  It is possible that the countermark was struck at or on behalf of the local sanctuary of Asklepios.    


Historical Notes:

Acmoneia was a city in western Phrygia (in present day Turkey).  When it was under Roman rule in the 1st century BC, a statarion, or market for slave trading, was established there.  


An interesting feature on several issues of Provincial coins from the Neronian period (including this one) is that they bear the name of Julia Severa, a female high priestess, who together with her husband Lucius Servenius Capito, provided the funds for the construction of several buildings in the city. 

NERO . PHRYGIA, Acmoneia . AE19 . Zeus . Clear obverse countermark of Asklepios

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