AD 54-68
AE18. 3.41g, 18.3mm
MINTED: LYDIA, Maeonia, circa AD 54-68. T. Claudius Menecrates, strategos
REF: SNG Cop 233
OBVERSE: NEPΩN KAICAP, laureate head right.

REVERSE: MENEKPATOYΣ - MAIONΩN, Zeus standing, holding eagle in extended hand; ЄΠ / KΛ in left field, TI in right field.



Very Fine.


Historical Notes:

In antiquity, the name Maeonia seemed to have been used to refer to Lydia, and was perhaps an older name for the kingdom that occupied most of western Anatolia (in modern day Turkey). Durinig the Roman period, Maeonia was also the name of a town at the foot of Mount Tmolus that was peopled by the original Maeonians.

NERO . LYDIA, Maeonia . AE18 . Zeus

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