AD 54-68

AR Denarius. 3.01g, 16.6mm

MINTED: Rome mint, AD 64-65

REF: RIC I 53; RSC 119
OBVERSE: NERO CAESAR AVGVSTVS, laureate head right.
REVERSE: IVPPITER CVSTOS, Jupiter seated left on throne, holding thunderbolt and scepter.


Good Fine. Toned, slightly off-centre with minor scuffs and scratches.  Classic corpulent portrait of Nero.

Historic type. Nero had this issue struck claiming the protection of Jupiter the Preserver (IVPPITER CVSTOS) when he survived Gaius Calpurnius Piso's conspiracy to have him assassinated in AD 65. Over 40 people were implicated in the conspiracy, and some prominent members and former close associates of Nero such as the philosopher Seneca, the poet Lucan and satirist Petronius were forced to commit suicide.


Historical Notes:
One of Rome's most well-known and infamous emperors, Nero inherited the throne at the age of seventeen when his stepfather, Claudius, was poisoned by his wife and Nero's mother, Agrippina.  Nero is often characterized as a debauched, gluttonous tyrant, responsible for the murders of his mother, stepbrother, and wife, as well as the executions of numerous senators and political rivals.  He began persecuting Christians, having them burned alive in his garden, and he is also said to have sang while the city of Rome was consumed in a great fire that Nero himself had started.  After thirteen years of rule, Nero faced a major rebellion of the governors Gaul and Spain in AD 68.  In Rome, he was abandoned by the Praetorian Guard, and confronted by rumours that a hostile Senate had declared him an enemy of the state and ordered his execution, he committed suicide.

NERO . AD 54-68 . AR Denarius . Calling on IVPPITER to protect him

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