MYSIA, Parion

AR Hemidrachm. 2.09g, 12.9mm

MINTED: MYSIA, Parion, circa 4th century BC
REF: SNG France 1385-6; SNG von Aulock 7424
OBVERSE: ΠA-PI, Bull standing left, head right; round shield below.

REVERSE: Gorgoneion.



Almost Very Fine. 

The Gorgoneion, a facing visage of a fierce, serpent-haired monster, was a popular symbol in ancient times that was supposed to ward off evil.  The coins of Parion commonly bore the Gorgoneion as the city's badge.  


Historical Notes:

Parion (or Parium) was a city founded by Greek colonists from Erythrai on the southwestern coast of the Sea of Mamara.  It served as an important port in the region, had defensive walls, a theatre, public baths, and at least four temples.  During the Hellenistic period, the wealthy city was part of the territories of King Lysimachos, and later, it became the possession of the Attalid kingdom of Pergamon.  According to Pliny the Elder, a statue of Eros by Praxiteles of Athens, one of antiquity's most accomplished sculptors, was erected in Parion in the mid 4th century BC.   

MYSIA, Parion . Circa 4th century BC . AR Hemidrachm . Gorgoneion

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