MYSIA, Lampsakos

AR Diobol. 1.18g, 11.9mm

MINTED: MYSIA, Lampsakos, circa 350 BC
REF: SNG Copenhagen 189
OBVERSE: Janiform female head.

REVERSE: Head of Athena right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet.



Very Fine.  Struck a little off-center on a compact flan.


Historical Notes:

Lampsakos, on the eastern end of the Hellespont, possessed a good harbour, and its strategic location meant that the city was often fought over by larger regional powers such as Persia, Athens and Sparta.  During his years in exile, the famed Athenian statesman Themistokles served the Persian Empire, and it was said that King Artaxerxes I (465-424 BC) gave him Lampsakos so that he could enjoy its famous wine.  During Alexander the Great's campaign against Persia, he was so infuriated by the loyalty of the city to the Persians that it was only saved from his fury by the pleas of his former tutor, Anaximenes, who was a native of Lampsakos.  The city also produced numerous other notable philosophers and historians.  

MYSIA, Lampsakos . Circa 350 BC . AR Diobol . Janiform heads / Athena

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