MYSIA, Kyzikos

AE22. 5.51g, 22.4mm
MINTED: MYSIA, Kyzikos, circa 2nd century BC
REF: BMC 162, Pl. X, 8; SNG Cop 79 var (no monogram)
OBVERSE: Bull butting right.

REVERSE: KYZI-KHNΩN, flaming torch; monogram to right.



Very Fine. Attractive pale green patina with earthen cover. Some pits and metal porosity. 


Historical Notes:

Kyzikos began as one of the many settlements founded by colonists from the city of Miletos in the 7th century BC.  Located on the southwestern coast of the Sea of Marmara in northwestern Asia Minor, it soon grew to become a large port-city, serving as an important trade hub between the Aegean and Black Seas.  When the Delian League was formed by Athens in 478 BC to liberate the Greek cities then under the rule of the Persian Empire, Kyzikos was a member and one of the largest contributors to the cause.  During the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC), Kyzikos was the site of a naval battle where the Athenian fleet under the general Alcibiades defeated a combined force of Spartans and Persians. 

MYSIA, Kyzikos . 2nd century BC . AE22 . Butting bull / Torch

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