AD 236-238

AR Denarius. 2.71g, 20.1mm
MINTED: Rome mint, AD 236-237
REF: RIC IV 3; BMCRE 211-2 (Maximinus); RSC 10
OBVERSE: MAXIMVS CAES GERM, bare-headed and draped bust right, seen from behind.
REVERSE: PRINC IVVENTVTIS, Maximus, as prince of the youth, standing front in military attire, head to left, holding baton in his right hand and inverted spear with his left; behind him, two signa.


Very Fine. Some porosity and light cleaning scratches. A decent and affordable silver of this harder-to-find young prince.  


Historical Notes:

Maximus was the teenage son of Emperor Maximinus I 'the Thracian'.  He was appointed Caesar in 236, and was murdered along with his father by revolting soldiers during the siege of Aquileia. 

MAXIMUS, Caesar . AD 236-248 . AR Denarius . "PRINC IVVENTVTIS"

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