AD 235-238
AE25. 7.72g, 25.3mm
MINTED: THRACE, Anchialus, circa AD 235-238
REF: cf. Varbanov 494
OBVERSE: [AVT MAXIMEINO]C EYCEBH AG, laureate bust right.

REVERSE: AΓXIAΛEΩN, Dolphin right; two tunny fish flanking.



Good. Smooth, glossy green-red patina surfaces.


Historical Notes:

Anchialus, modern day Pomorie in southeastern Bulgaria, was a small settlement founded around the 5th century BC by Greek colonists from Apollonia.  It flourished under Roman rule, particularly during the rule of the Severan emperors, when it served as the Empire's trading hub in the province of Thrace.  From the mid 3rd century, the region suffered increasing incursions from barbarian tribes crossing the Danube, and in AD 270, Anchialus itself was sacked by an army of Goths under king Cannabaudes, who said to have been attracted to the city's restorative hot springs.

MAXIMINUS THRAX . THRACE, Anchialus . AE25 . Dolphin with fish friends

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