AD 286-305

AE Radiatus (Post-Reform Radiate Fraction). 3.13g, 22.5mm
MINTED: Cyzicus mint, AD 295-299
REF: RIC VI Cyzicus 16B
OBVERSE: IMP C M A MAXIMIANVS PF AVG, radiate, cuirassed bust right.
REVERSE: CONCORDIA MI-LITVM, Maximianus standing right in military dress, receiving Victory on globe from Jupiter, standing left leaning on sceptre; KΔ between them.

Very Fine.  Attractive desert patina.

The radiatus, or a post-reform radiate, was issued as part of Diocletian's extensive monetary reform.  In appearance, it closely resembled the antoninianus denomination that preceded it, but where the field mark "XXI" on the antoninianus indicated the presence of silver in the alloy used (in the proportion of 20 parts of bronze to 1 part of silver), the radiatus carried no such mark and no silver content to speak of.  


Historical Notes:
Maximianus, also known as Maximian or Maximianus Herculius, was an acclaimed Roman general who was made co-emperor by his close friend and ally Diocletian when the latter ascended to the throne. When Diocletian decided to retire in 305 after 21 years of rule, he enjoined Maximianus to do the same so that their respective Caesars, Galerius and Constantius I, could take their places and rule the empire. Maximianus was reluctant to abdicate, and in 306, urged on by his son, Maxentius to join his revolt against the legitimate emperors, Maximianus took the purple for the second time. He was forced to retire again in 308, but in 310, he declared himself Augustus in rebellion against Constantine I. His third reign lasted mere months, and when captured by Constantine, he was forced to commit suicide.

MAXIMIANUS . AD 286-305 . Radiatus . "CONCORDIA MILITVM" . Cyzicus

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