AD 306-312

AE Follis. 6.24g, 25.2mm
MINTED: Ostia mint, late AD 309-312
REF: RIC VI Ostia 35
OBVERSE: IMP C MAXENTIVS P F AVG, laureate head right.
REVERSE: AETERNITAS AVG N, Castor and Pollux (the Dioscuri), each with star above cap, standing facing each other, each leaning on sceptre and holding bridled horse; MOSTS in exergue.


A clear and excellent example of the type. 


Historical Notes:
Maxentius, despite being the son of Emperor Maximianus, was not recognized with an official position or given any power when the Second Tetrarchy was formed in 305. The snub, inflicted upon him chiefly by Galerius, one of the new senior emperors, resulted in his rebellion in 306. From his base at Rome, Maxentius consolidated his control over Italy and Africa, first defeating an army sent against him under Emperor Severus II, and later, with the support of his father Maximianus, also repulsing an army under the command of Galerius himself. Maxentius soon fell out with his father, but continued to hold on to his rule for a number of years. His luck eventually ran out when he found himself pitted against his brother-in-law, Constantine I, also the son of a former emperor. At the Battle of Milvian Bridge outside the city of Rome on 28 October 312, Constantine's legions routed those of Maxentius, and in the chaos of his army's retreat, Maxentius drowned in the Tiber river.

MAXENTIUS . AD 306-312 . AE Follis . Superb example of the type

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