AD 138-161
AE24. 4.55g, 24.4mm
MINTED: BITHYNIA, Tium, circa AD 138-161
REF: RecGen 66; BMC 9; RPC Online temp 5566
OBVERSE: AYPHΔ-IOC KAICA-P (P is below bust), bare-headed bust of Marcus Aurelius (youthful - lightly bearded) wearing paludamentum, right.

REVERSE: TIA-NΩN, Isis standing left, wearing lotus headdress, holding sistrum and long sceptre.



Almost Very Fine. Light roughness and porosity. Well-centered with nice details.

A very rare coin.


Historical Notes:

Tium, located on the southern coast of the Black Sea, was established in the 7th century BC by Greek colonists from Miletos.  It was the birthplace of Philetairos, founder of the Attalid dynasty of the kingdom of Pergamon.  In the 1st century BC, it was part of the Bithynian kingdom, and thereafter, became part of the Roman province of Bithynia.  In the late 4th century, it was one of the towns in the region that Emperor Theodosius incorporated into the new province of Honorias, which was named after his son, Honorius.

MARCUS AURELIUS . BITHYNIA, Tium . AE19 . Isis with sistrum . *Very Rare*

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