AD 350-353

AE2. 4.93g, 22.4mm

MINTED: Trier mint, AD 350-351
REF: RIC VIII Trier 260
OBVERSE: IM CAE MAGN-ENTIVS AVG, bareheaded draped and cuirassed bust right, A behind.

REVERSE: FEL TEMP-REPARATIO, Emperor in military dress standing left on galley, holding Victory on globe and standard with Chi-Rho onbanner; in stern sits Victory, steering the ship; A in left field, TRP in exergue.


Good Fine. Slight roughness on obverse. Bold portrait; brown patina. 


Historical Notes:

Magnentius was an Anglo-Frankish soldier who served in the army of Constantine the Great.  Under the rule of Constans, he became commander of the elite Imperial Guard units, the Joviani and the Herculiani.  Observing the growing disatisfaction of the armies with the misrule and tyranny of  Constans, Magnentius declared himself Augustus in 350 at Augustodunum during the birthday party of Constan's Minister of Finance.  The legions unambiguously declared their support for Magnentius, and Constans was caught and killed while trying to flee to Hispania.  

Constantius II, the last surviving son of Constantine the Great, quickly turned his attention towards the usurper, reclaiming first the Danubian territories, and then Italy.  After an embattled three years, Magnentius made a final stand in Gaul at the Battle of Mons Seleucus in 353, where his army was utterly defeated. Magnentius proceeded to commit suicide by falling on his sword.

MAGNENTIUS, Usurper . AD 350-353 . AE2 . "Emperor on galley"

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