MACEDON, Thessalonica

Pseudo-autonomous issue. Time of Septimius Severus - Caracalla
AE21. 5.71g, 21.3mm
MINTED: MACEDON, Thessalonica, circa AD 198-216
OBVERSE: ΘЄCCAΛ-ΩNЄIKH, turreted, veiled, and draped bust Tyche right.

REVERSE: ΘЄC/CAΛΩ/NЄIKЄ/ΩN in four lines within wreath.



Fine. Some light cleaning scratches on reverse.


Historical Notes:

During the Roman period, Thessalonica prospered economically and flourished culturally.  Numerous festivals and games were held in the city, and in the mid 3rd century, it was granted the status of a Roman colony by Emperor Trajan Decius.  During the Tetrarchic period, it was the seat of Emperor Galerius, who built a monumental arch and rotunda that still stand today, linked to his palace there.  It was also one of the most prolific mints in the Empire during the Late Roman and Byzantine period.

Thessalonica is today the second largest city in Greece.  


MACEDONIA, Thessalonica . Pseudo-autonomous . AE21 . Tyche

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