Time of Philip III - Alexander IV
AE15 (1/4 unit?). 3.83g, 15.4mm
MINTED: Uncertain mint in western Asia Minor, circa 323-310 BC
REF: Price 2807; SNG Cop 1132f
OBVERSE: Macedonian shield; in centre, facing head of Herakles wearing lion's skin.

REVERSE: Macedonian helmet; B-A across field, [corn ear in lower left].





Historical Notes:

Though the legend B-A on the reverse is a reference to Alexander the Great, this issue is dated to after his death, when the kingdom first passed into the hands of his mentally disabled older half-brother Philip III Arrhidaeus, and then to his young son, Alexander IV.  Both rulers were pawns used by those who struggled to gain control of Alexander's vast empire after his death, including his mother Olympias and numerous squabbling diadochi (successor generals)

MACEDONIA, KINGDOM OF . Philip III - Alexander IV, c. 323-310 BC . AE15 . Shield

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